Our Teams

How We


Antelope Valley CERT has established six geographic teams across the Antelope Valley within northern Los Angeles County. 


The AV CERT Area Commander leads the organization and liaisons with local public safety partners to coordinate AV CERT activities and responses.

AV CERT Team Captains lead each of the six geographical teams.  AV CERT Squad leaders are assigned team members.  Team members are grouped based on the location of their home. 


Antelope Valley CERT operates under an Incident Command System (ICS) structure.  This allows AV CERT to expand or decrease its operating strength based upon event needs while fitting within the ICS structures of our public safety and non governmental organization partners.


AV CERT actively trains using realistic full-scale exercises.  A team of moulage experts add elements of realism to injured 'victims'.  The hands-on experience of these scenarios are similar to disaster scenario training received by professional first-responders.  Monthly meeting training includes seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises, games, drills, or functional exercises.  Regular training allows AV CERT members to maintain valuable perishable skills.