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"To do the greatest Good for
the Greatest number of people"

Antelope Valley CERT supports disaster preparedness & response operations in the cities and rural communities in the Antelope Valley within northern Los Angeles County.  Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and all serve with the heart to help others after a major disaster event. At such a time, local public safety entities may become overwhelmed and have delayed response times to calls for service - potentially for days.  AV CERT trains to assist those entities and provide disaster preparedness resources to the community. Our stakeholders include the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, local, state, and federal governments, and the citizens within the Antelope Valley.  Our goal is to be prepared for the call to assist our families, neighbors, communities, and our brave public safety professionals. 

This image is of the AV CERT Logo as part of our Who We Are.
AV CERT members guide an injured victim to safety during a training day mock disaster simulation.
“Leaders should try to build cores of citizen responders. No city will be able to manage a crisis and rebuild…without the help of its people.”
—Thomas Menino, Former Mayor, Boston, MA
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