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Become a CERT Volunteer

Antelope Valley CERT offers free FEMA compliant Basic CERT Training courses throughout the year.  Students receive basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.  Upon completion, a certificate is issued to students and they are invited to join our cadre of CERT volunteers.  CERT members are given monthly and annual training opportunities.  CERT Leadership roles are available.  CERT is an equal opportunity organization.

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Become Prepared

Only looking to increase the potential of your readiness?  Antelope Valley CERT believes it is imperative our community stakeholders have access to quality training and resources for disaster preparedness and survival.  By taking the Basic CERT Training course, citizens will gain valuable knowledge, hands-on experience, and have access to experts in disaster preparedness.  There is no obligation to join a CERT team.  It is our pleasure to provide free training to our community.

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Connect With Us

We welcome support from our community!  Sign-up to our email list to receive Antelope Valley CERT newsletters, organizational updates, fundraising campaign news, and community event invitations.  We empower local citizens with disaster preparedness readiness.  Community engagement allows us to increase our effectiveness in creating a resilient community.

Be involved.  Contact us today.  We look forward to serving with you.

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Host A Training

Open your venue to AV CERT!  We partner with schools like Learn4Life in Lancaster, churches like St. John Paul II Catholic Mission in Lake Los Angeles, and town centers like the William B. Shaw Cultural Center in Sun Village to provide free disaster preparedness training to the community and your organization.  We are blessed with having amazing partners in the Antelope Valley that graciously allow us use of their facilities and we welcome new partners to help disaster readiness in the community.